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Miramont MedSpa specializes in the art of healthy skin by offering our clients the most effective and advanced technologies and products. Our goal is to help you manage, restore and maximize your skin health. We look forward to tailoring a skin care program for your specific needs. Our commitment is to help each person feel and look their best, start today, with your free consultation!

Reonna getting her lips injected

Asking for a friend - So is it normal to leak urine when I jump on the trampoline?

Leaking urine is no laughing matter considering that for some people this annoying problem doesn’t just occur when laughing but also when coughing sneezing jogging or even jumping on the trampoline. After menopause nearly 50% of all women will experience some intermittent urine leak, but that’s no consolation for a 32 year old lady needing to wear a pad every day for life.

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Miramont MedSpa Estheticians and their Sunflowers
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